Computer aided design

New Olympiad, included in the list of Olympiads for the first time. Requires completing assignments in graphics and solving academic assignments in Mathematics.

Olympiad Level – 3.

The first step (preliminaries) contains 2 rounds:

1st round (academicals competition) in general education subject "Mathematics" proceeds online at the website ;


29 January – 2 February 2020 г.

2nd round – tests in Graphics – proceeds online at the website (онлайн).


29 January – 2 February 2020 г.

The second step (finals) proceeds in BMSTU and on the regional platforms and contains 2 rounds:

1st round - academicals competition in general education subject "Mathematics";

2nd round – creative competition in Computer modeling and Graphics contains 2 parts: complementation of graphic’s assignment and computer modeling of the item on the PC.


Computer modeling assignments

Assignments are suggesting developing the construction of some technical object, creation of its 3d model and presentation of development. Tasks are completed on the PCs by using one of the CADs:

  • Компас-3D
  • SolidWorks *
  • Autodesk Inventor *
    * available if the host platform has a license.

In case of not having experience in 3d modeling environment, it is recommended to become acquainted with the capacities of Kompas-3D software and practice to work in that application.

Download the Kompas-3D free trial version is possible on the developer’s  official website. After signing in, the links to download and install will be sent in your e-mail.

We also recommend to become familiar with how-to videos in 3d modeling: