Academicals competitions in Informatics within "Step to the Future" Olympiad are held for 5 years, however, since the 2019/2020 school year Olympiad’s template is completely changed: from now all assignments demanding to develop workable programs.

Olympiad in Programming will be holding within "Professor Lebedev" specialization of «Step to the Future» Olympiad in "Engineering".


29 January – 2 February 2020 г.

Assignments in Programming

Solvation to each task should be a single-module program (single file form) in one of the allowed programming languages.

When examine the solvations, jury will use following compilations (interpretations):

  1. C - gcc (GNU C) 7.4.0
  2. C++ - g++ (GNU C++) 7.4.0
  3. Pascal - fpc (Free Pascal) 3.0.4
  4. Python 3.7.

The program’s input/output should proceed with standard input and output streams.

The program should be completed with returns code 0.