1. How to participate in Olympiad?

Primarily, sign in (instruction) to the section you are interested in participating in.

Then track the Events Schedule of Olympiad and participate in them.


2. I signed in on the website but confirmation letter did not come. What to do?

Firstly, check spam. Later make sure you fill the correct e-mail address (try to sign in with the same address, and if system notifies that user with the same e-mail already exists – you were right the first time). If the problem did not solve, contact us cdp@bmstu.ru with a particular described problem in the letter and we will respond.


3. What gives participation in the Olympiad?

First of all, Olympiads is a great way to test your knowledge and scientific potential, to gain new competencies and skills, to demonstrate creativity, scientific and technological capacities.

Furthermore, victory or prizes in Olympiads will help you to enroll in the best higher education entities of the country. Credits within enrolling are determined by Olympiads rank and entity’s admission rules. Details about levels of «Step to the Future» Olympiads can be found on the section’s webpages: Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, Computer modeling and Graphics.


4. Who can participate in Olympiad?

In the Olymiad free willingly individually participate students of general education and public education programs, including the ones studying in the family or self-educated or the ones studying abroad.


5. In which Subjects holds the Olympiad

Olympiad holds in the following subjects: Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, Computer modeling and Graphics. Competition in Programming in 2019-2020 school year will be held in "Professor Lebedev" specialization of "Engineering".


6. Which steps contain the Olympiad?

Olympiad contains two steps: preliminaries (1 September – 31 January) and finals (1 February –  31 March).

Details about time frames info on the page.


7. What is "wave" in the preliminaries step? May I participate in every "wave"?

Preliminaries step in each section of the Olympiad proceeds online on specific dates. In each section, there will be three time periods: three "waves". It is possible to participate in any number of waves in each subject.


8. I received the score for the preliminaries round event. Can I take a look at assignments in which I failed and hear the correct answer?

Meantime of the preliminaries round of Olympiad, assignments will not be issued. Generic versions with keys will be placed on the website after completion of Olympiad’s steps.


9. Can I participate if I do not live in Moscow?


Most events of preliminaries step proceeds online.

Events of the finals are holds at our regional and international platforms.


10. Until what day the registration to the Olympiad is open?

Registration to the Olympiad will be opened until December 2019. For detailed info, look in Event’s Calender and "News".


11. On which dates holding the Olympiad?

Preliminaries step is holding on 1 September – 31 January; finals – 1 February – 31 March.

Detailes about events scheduale you can find on the page.


12. I read everything, but I still have a question. How can I ask questions?

Do not hesitate to ask a question with a letter to cdp@bmstu.ru  and phone  8 499 263-61-39  (from 9:00 to 18:00, Moscow time). FAQ list may be extended and all thanks to you.