«TechCup» Olympiad in Programming

Mail.Ru Group, in association with the leading technical institutions BMSTU and MPTI, organized «TechCup» – Olympiad in programming for students of 8–11 grades.

Olympiad Level - 1.

To the winners of the Olympiad, students of 10-11 grades, giving an exclusive right to be enrolled on the programs, determined by BMSTU Academic Council yearly, without entrance examinations.

You can find more information about Olympiad at the official website https://technocup.mail.ru/.

Experts in Olympiad programming area developed assignments for Olympiad: Mikhail Mirzayanov, founder of the Codeforces, twice silver medalist in ACM ICPC championship, and Mikhail Tikhomirov, Ph.D. in physics and mathematics, coach in Center of development of IT-education in MPTI.

Schedule of preliminaries round of «TechCup» Olympiad in Programming in 2019-2020 school year

Try Round Beginning Ending
First Preliminaries 4 October, 17:00 6 October, 17:00
Semifinals 6 October, 18:00 6 October, 20:00
Second Preliminaries 24 October, 13:00 24 October, 13:00
Semifinals 26 October, 14:00 26 October, 16:00
Third Preliminaries 22 November, 10:00 24 November, 10:00
Semifinals 24 November, 11:00 24 November, 13:00