Camp-Workshop «Step to the Future» at ICC «Artek»

Annually International Children’s Center «Artek» in association with BMSTU organize thematic Camp-workshop «Step to the Future» for the winners and awardees of Olympiad at ICC «Artek» (Gurzuf village, Crimea Republic). The scientific and educational program contains 5 training modules, in which Artek-participants mentored by prestigious University’s teachers learning IT-technology, robotics, circuit design and radio engineering, study physical phenomena by conducting experiments, create designs out of new (composite) materials.

To the winners and awardees, there is an opportunity to become a participant of that unique event, to repose and obtain new knowledge at Black Sea shore, among peer and like-minded people.

To take that opportunity, the participant should pass the selection process, all needed papers placed on the website ICC «Artek» Info about new competition annually publishing in April of the current school year on site

Accommodation, meals, learning, and cultural program for the participants are free of charge. Transfer to Simferopol and back covers the participant. For ones, willing to have a flight from Moscow, group flight with attendants from BMSTU is organized.